J7 Image does not look or feel like a typical hair salon in Far East Plaza. Instead, it looks more like a hipster cafe that happens to offer hairdressing services! For the first time in Far East Plaza, there is actually SPACE – Space for you and your friends to sit down and relax!

While its decor stands out, what we really like about J7 is their emphasis on using Organic Hair Products to create Trendy Hairstyles!

Those of you with sensitive scalp will understand the pain of not being able bleach or even colour your hair due to your scalp condition. J7 Co-Founder James was in this predicament as his scalp would bleed even when he does a normal hair colour. He therefore spent a lot of time with his fellow hairstylist Jeft to find organic hair colours that are suitable even for those with sensitive scalp. This journey has eventually led them to open J7 to share their knowledge and newfound techniques with their customers!

If you have sensitive scalp, if you are pregnant or if you prefer using more organic and natural hair products without compromising on style, J7 is THE hair salon to try! There is no ammonia smell here and you can even bleach your hair blue, pink, red, green – whichever colour you like – with NON-AMMONIA bleach! The selection of colours that can be achieved without Ammonia or toxic chemicals is pretty amazing!

The stylists here are also very friendly and the salon often have discounts for special services so do grab them while the promotions last!


James’ specialty is however in haircuts and rebonding. His training in one of Singapore’s biggest hair salon chain under some senior and very experienced stylists has made him very detailed in both haircuts and rebonded; you’ll find that James is so detailed that he will straighten every single baby hair.


A believer in the transformational powers of hairdressing, Jeft loves to show customers a new side to themselves with a fresh cut or colour. On top of looking good, customers say that he made them feel a lot more confident because they never realized they could pull off that new look!

Tony Lin

Tony is one of those rare ones who is very skilled in both colour and perm, goes the extra mile to give haircare and hair design tips during the consultation and after the hair service and creates hair design that is very on point! He has after all gone for Vidal Sassoon Shanghai and was the Salon Manager of a well known salon chain in Singapore.


It’s not just her frequent smiles and genuine personality. Truly skilled in what she does, Sherlin’s hair works clearly stands out from the rest in the details and ability to match colours onto customers’ hair! The level of conscientiousness takes a lot of work and it is reassuring to know that Sherlin is a perfectionist who will take the effort to make sure that the colours turn out perfect!


Jayden may only have 5 years of experience in hairdressing but his skill level and maturity makes it seem much longer. Not afraid of hard work, he is a stylist who would do things step by step in a structured way so that mistakes are minimized and the results turn out exactly as anticipated.


An honest and down-to-earth stylist, Issan picked up hairdressing 5 years ago from a major salon chain in Malaysia. He did so well in the salon that he even won 3rd Prize in a competition held in-salon for overall makeover and styling! Issan loves to do haircuts and in particular men’s haircuts as he can incorporate various changes and styles in the cut!

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Featuring J7 Image Hair Salon as filming venue.
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14 Scotts Road, #05-32/33, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213


Mon-Fri: 11:00am-8:30pm; Sat-Sun: 10:30am-7:30pm

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